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Visualizer 3d Okm Free Download Crack Keygen Serial Rarzip

Visualizer 3D OKM Free Download Serial Rarzip

Visualizer 3D OKM is a software that allows users to visualize scan data measured with OKM detectors and ground scanners. Using the graphical representations in 2D and 3D, the size, position and depth of the detected objects can be determined. The software is designed for professional treasure hunters, archaeologists and industrial users who want to locate and analyze hidden objects in the underground.

Download Zip:

The software has many features, such as editing properties and adding notes, adjusting views, optimizing scan data with modifiers, assigning soil types, selecting measured values, setting bookmarks, exporting data as PDF and more. The software supports various OKM detectors, such as Rover UC, eXp 6000, Fusion Light, Fusion Pro and Fusion Pro Plus. The software can also visualize measurements of GeoSeeker and Gepard GPR.

The software is not free and requires a valid software key to download and activate. The software key is automatically sent by email after purchasing the software from the official website of OKM Detectors. The price of the software is EUR 590,00 plus VAT, shipping, custom fees and duties.

However, some websites claim to offer a free download of the software with a serial rarzip file. These websites are not authorized by OKM Detectors and may contain viruses, malware or spyware that can harm your computer or steal your personal information. Downloading or using such software is illegal and may result in legal consequences. Therefore, we strongly advise you to avoid these websites and only download the software from the official source.

If you are interested in learning more about Visualizer 3D OKM or purchasing the software, you can visit the official website of OKM Detectors or contact them by phone or email. They will be happy to assist you with any questions or requests you may have.


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