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Watch CJ7 Full Movie in Hindi: The Best Streaming Sites and Platforms

CJ7 Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed: A Review

If you are looking for a fun, heartwarming, and hilarious movie to watch with your family or friends, you might want to check out CJ7, a 2008 Hong Kong-Chinese comic science fiction film co-written, co-produced, starring, and directed by Stephen Chow. And if you are a fan of Hindi movies or want to enjoy the movie in your own language, you might be interested in watching CJ7 full movie in Hindi dubbed.

cj7 full movie in hindi dubbed

In this article, we will review CJ7 and tell you why you should watch it in Hindi dubbed. We will also tell you how to watch CJ7 in Hindi dubbed online legally and safely, and give you some tips and tricks to enhance your viewing experience. Finally, we will answer some frequently asked questions about CJ7 in Hindi dubbed.

What is CJ7?

CJ7 is a movie that tells the story of a poor Chinese laborer named Ti (played by Stephen Chow) and his son Dicky (played by Xu Jiao), who live in a partially demolished house near a garbage dump. Ti works hard to save money so he can send Dicky to a private school, where he is often bullied by other children and teachers for his shabby clothes and appearance.

One day, Ti finds a strange green orb left by a space saucer at the junkyard and brings it home as a toy for Dicky. The orb turns out to be an alien creature that can transform into different shapes and has magical powers. Dicky names it CJ7, after a popular robotic toy called CJ1 that he wanted but could not afford.

Dicky hopes that CJ7 will help him achieve his dreams of popularity and good grades at school, but soon realizes that CJ7 does not understand what he wants and often causes trouble for him. However, as Dicky and CJ7 bond over time, they also learn important lessons about friendship, family, courage, honesty, and gratitude.

A brief summary of the plot

The movie begins with Dicky being bullied at school by a boy named Johnny (played by Lei Huang) and his entourage. Dicky also has a crush on his beautiful teacher Miss Yuen (played by Zhang Yuqi), who is kind to him but also has a boyfriend. Dicky's father Ti works at a construction site with his friend Boss (played by Lam Tze-chung), who often gives him advice on parenting.

One night, Ti finds the green orb at the junkyard and gives it to Dicky as a toy. Dicky is disappointed at first, but soon discovers that the orb can transform into a cute dog-like alien creature that he names CJ7. He also learns that CJ7 can heal wounds, revive dead plants, and fly.

Dicky tries to use CJ7's powers to impress his classmates and teachers, but things do not go as planned. For example, he asks CJ7 to help him cheat on a test, but CJ7 writes nonsense answers on his paper. He also asks CJ7 to help him win a soccer game against Johnny's team, but CJ7 ends up scoring an own goal for Dicky's team.

Meanwhile, Ti faces difficulties at work when he accidentally breaks a machine and gets fired by his boss. He also gets into trouble with b70169992d


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