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Bob Sinclar - Discography 1998-2012.rar

Bob Sinclar: A Retrospective of His Music Career from 1998 to 2012

If you are a fan of house and disco music, you must have heard of Bob Sinclar, a French DJ and producer who has been making waves in the dance scene since the late 90s. Sinclar, whose real name is Christophe Le Friant, is known for his catchy and uplifting tunes that blend elements of funk, soul, reggae, and African music. He has collaborated with many artists, such as Gary Pine, Steve Edwards, Sean Paul, Akon, Pitbull, and Shaggy, and has released several hit singles and albums that have topped the charts worldwide.


In this article, we will take a look at Bob Sinclar's discography from 1998 to 2012, covering his most successful and influential works in this period. We will also provide links to download his albums in .rar format, so you can enjoy his music offline.

Paradise (1998)

Paradise is Bob Sinclar's debut album, released in 1998 under the label Yellow Productions. It features 12 tracks that showcase Sinclar's signature style of blending house music with disco and funk influences. The album includes the singles "My Only Love", "The Ghetto", and "Gym Tonic", which was co-produced by Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk. Paradise received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, and established Sinclar as one of the leading figures in the French house scene.

You can download Paradise here: [Paradise.rar]

Champs Elysées (2000)

Champs Elysées is Bob Sinclar's second album, released in 2000 under the label Defected Records. It features 14 tracks that continue Sinclar's exploration of disco and funk sounds, with more vocal and instrumental samples. The album includes the singles "I Feel for You", "Darlin'", and "The Beat Goes On", which were all successful in the European charts. Champs Elysées was praised for its production quality and musical diversity, and cemented Sinclar's reputation as a versatile and creative artist.

You can download Champs Elysées here: [Champs Elysées.rar]

III (2003)

III is Bob Sinclar's third album, released in 2003 under the label East West Records. It features 13 tracks that expand Sinclar's musical palette, incorporating elements of soul, jazz, Latin, and African music. The album includes the singles "Kiss My Eyes", "Sexy Dancer", and "The Beat Goes On (Remix)", which featured vocals by Linda Lee Hopkins. III was well-received by critics and fans, who appreciated Sinclar's experimentation and innovation.

You can download III here: [III.rar]

Western Dream (2006)

Western Dream is Bob Sinclar's fourth album, released in 2006 under the label Yellow Productions. It features 15 tracks that mark a departure from Sinclar's previous disco and funk influences, and instead embrace a more pop-oriented sound. The album includes the singles "Love Generation", "World Hold On", "Rock This Party", and "Tennessee", which all became international hits. Western Dream was a commercial success, selling over one million copies worldwide, and earned Sinclar several awards and nominations.

You can download Western Dream here: [Western Dream.rar]

Soundz of Freedom (2007)

Soundz of Freedom is Bob Sinclar's fifth album, released in 2007 under the label Tommy Boy Records. It features 15 tracks that are mostly remixes of Sinclar's previous songs, as well as some new original tracks. The album includes the singles "Sound of Freedom", "Everybody Movin'", "What I Want", and "Together", which featured guest appearances by Steve Edwards, Fireball, Dollarman, Cutee B, Gary Pine, and Steve Edwards. Soundz of Freedom was a moderate success, reaching the top 10 in several countries.

You can download Soundz of Freedom here: [Soundz of Freedom.rar]

Born in 69 (2009)

Born in 69 is Bob Sinclar's sixth album, released in 2009 under the label Yellow Productions. It features 12 tracks that pay homage to Sinclar's musical influences from the 60s and 70s, such as rock, reggae, and disco. The album includes the singles "Lala Song", "Love You No More", "Peace Song", and "New New New", which featured collaborations with Sugarhill Gang, Shabba Ranks, Sly & Robbie, and Vybrate. Born in 69 was a critical and commercial success, reaching the top 5 in several countries.

You can download Born in 69 here: [Born in 69.rar]

Made in Jamaica (2010)

Made in Jamaica is Bob Sinclar's seventh album, released in 2010 under the label Yellow Productions. It features 12 tracks that are mostly reggae versions of Sinclar's previous songs, recorded with Jamaican musicians and singers. The album includes the singles "I Wanna", "Rainbow of Love", and "Tik Tok", which featured vocals by Sahara, Ben Onono, and Sean Paul. Made in Jamaica was a tribute to Sinclar's love for Jamaican culture and music, and received positive feedback from critics and fans.

You can download Made in Jamaica here: [Made in Jamaica.rar]

Disco Crash (2012)

Disco Crash is Bob Sinclar's eighth album, released in 2012 under the label Yellow Productions. It features 14 tracks that return to Sinclar's roots of disco and house music, with more electronic and dance elements. The album includes the singles "Far l'Amore", "Me Not a Gangsta", "Rock the Boat", and "Groupie", which featured contributions from Raffaella Carrà, Colonel Reyel, Mr Shammi, Pitbull, Dragonfly, and Gilbere Forte. Disco Crash was a mixed success, receiving mixed reviews from critics and fans.

You can download Disco Crash here: [Disco Crash.rar]


Bob Sinclar is one of the most influential and successful DJs and producers of the past two decades. His discography from 1998 to 2012 reflects his musical evolution and diversity, as well as his passion and talent for creating catchy and uplifting tunes. Whether you are a fan of disco, funk, soul, reggae, or pop music, you will find something to enjoy in Bob Sinclar's albums. We hope you liked this article and found it useful. If you want to learn more about Bob Sinclar and his music, you can visit his official website [here].


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