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Solidworks 2014 Serial Number 16 |LINK|

A SOLIDWORKS serial number is important because it determines the exact set of products a user is entitled to install and use. It only requires a serial number and installation media to have everything you would require to install a functioning copy of SOLIDWORKS. It is important to keep track of where it is and who is using it as machines may malfunction and the serial number can not be retrieved from the machine itself. In this article, I'll show you three spots to find your SOLIDWORKS serial number.

solidworks 2014 serial number 16

If your CAD Administrator or IT is not yet keeping track of what serial numbers are installed in what machines, a user can utilize any of the following to find out what serial number is in a specific machine.

The contact information doesn't match what is already associated with the serial number when the product was registered. This can happen if there is a change to your name, the company name, or your address after the product was registered. Keep your contact information up-to-date using Register Once. There, you can add an account with your current information, register products to that account, and delete your old accounts, or those with outdated information.

Otherwise, visit AVA (Autodesk Virtual Agent) to resolve the issue and automatically receive an activation code or connect with an agent. Provide your serial number, request code, and contact information

Before you can download the software you need to register your serial number on the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal. You will have likely received your SOLIDWORKS serial number from your Value Added Reseller (VAR) after making your purchase:

IMPORTANT NOTE: During installation the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager will determine the files you need based on the serial number you enter, this could by up to 16GB. So be prepared for a large download and ensure there is enough room on your machine to accommodate the download files and the installation itself.

At this point in the installation you will need to enter your serial number[s] for the SOLIDWORKS products you have purchased. At this stage you can install any of the 3D Design, Visualization, Simulation, CAM, Technical Communication, and Electrical Design licenses you have purchased:

NOTE: You can populate the serial numbers automatically using the Log In button, but that process requires creating a SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal account. It is much easier just to enter the serial numbers into the boxes as you should have received the number already from your local reseller.

In this next step you can choose which products to install and more often than not you will keep the selection as the default as the license manager will have determined the products you are entitled to install based on your serial number:

All you will need is the product serial number, name, version and language, as well as the name of the operating system, version and language. It's pretty straightforward, and most users will only have to go through product activation once.


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