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Create Your Own Pop Punk Hits with Pop Punk MiDi WiN and EZdrummer

Rare sounds! This pack of 5 CD-quality MIDI Styles (all 49 styles in their full format) features 30 synth & bass melodies, 15 drum grooves, and 5 drum rhythms. This pack was recorded with authentic vintage instruments which was sometimes difficult to find. As a result, the sounds are clear and present - and the drums seem to almost move when you play it. These sounds will absolutely blow your mind!

Pop Punk MiDi WiN

Included in the packs are MIDI styles which contain the following sounds: instruments, drums, drum grooves, bass grooves, and keyboard and acoustic instruments. There's even a style inspired by one of our favourite albums - Sturgill Simpson "A Sailor's Guide To Earth".

An incredible collection of top style experts from Toontrack have blended the sounds of classic 70's 70's and 80's music into this collection of styles perfect for creating awesome rock, synthpop, power-pop, and punk music. You'll love the sparkling synth sounds of their Jazz Styles. You'll enjoy the gritty and edgy tones of their Punk Styles. You'll love their rock guitar tones as well as their reverb-drenched electric guitar tones. "Classic Rock" lovers will find these styles an absolute must. And at less than $7, its a steal, too.

With 20 great new Nashville-created styles for Band-in-a-Box, Styles Set 42, Crossover, is comprised of a wide variety of contemporary styles from several genres of music including Rock, Country, Pop, Alternative, and more. These styles feature live drums, live MIDI guitar patterns, punchy bass lines, and in-the-pocket keyboards. Styles like CR_NORAH, CR_MAYER, CR_ERIC, CR_TRACY, CR_BETH cover many of today's Pop, Rock and Country grooves by artists such as JohnM, LisaM, MichelB, and more.


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