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Ashima K Singh

Relationship Coach, Mindfulness and Mental Wellness Mentor

Ashima Khanna Singh, is a relationship coach and therapist, communication strategist, and content developer. She has  experience in helping individuals and couples improve their personal and professional relationships.

Ashima has authored two books, "My First Love - My Parents," a guide to parenting, and "A Better Me," which focuses on overall personality and language improvement. She has also developed a premarital journal that aims to help couples understand the nuances of marriage and build strong and healthy relationships. With the changing dynamics of marriage, Ashima believes that it is essential for couples to enter into marriage with their eyes wide open, and her premarital journal can help them achieve that.

Ashima firmly believes that open-minded and open-hearted communication without inhibitions can make a significant difference in our relationships and personal growth. As a philanthropist, she is committed to making a difference in the lives of others.

Through her talk show "Dil Se Talks with Ashima," she shares her insights and experiences on relationships, communication, and personal growth. She also goes live on Instagram, sharing inspiring stories and helping people change their perspective and thought process for the better.

If you're looking to improve your relationships and communication skills or want to explore personal growth, Ashima Khanna Singh is here to help you achieve your goals.

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