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Individual Counseling

Why Try Therapy?

Every day, millions of people may seek the help of therapists. One-on-one talk therapy is usually the most popular form of therapy used to cope with mental health challenges. The widespread usage and popularity of this form of therapy generally mean that the modern therapist has a vast array of methods and techniques to help you change the way you think and feel for the better.

Meeting with a therapist one-on-one may allow the therapist to provide you with personalized and particular attention that may not be available in a group situation. While group settings have their benefits, particularly for persons who require a community while recovering from trauma or addiction, individual treatment can be tailored to practically any need. The therapist will usually start with a clinical observation session and then work with you to develop specific goals and objectives to guide you through therapy.

What exactly is individual therapy? Individual psychotherapy or personal counseling can be tailored to an individual's specific needs, therefore it can benefit almost everyone. The treatment strategy will most likely be dictated by an individual's current needs, however, this may vary during therapy.

While some people select therapy to treat specific mental health issues, such as moderate depression, substance abuse, or anxiety disorder, counseling sessions can be used for much more.

Career counseling, marriage and family troubles, and future concerns are all examples of counseling services. The treatment goals of an individual counseling session are entirely dependent on the individual's needs. Here are some examples of individual counseling:

• Individual psychotherapy sessions for the treatment of mental health conditions, with or without medical treatment.
• Short-term treatment for everyday concerns

• Career counseling
• PTSD therapies with or without psychotropic medicines (those with are geographically limited)
• Counseling geared toward self-actualization

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