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"Therapy" is a type of treatment that aims to alleviate emotional suffering and mental health issues. To assess whether therapy is the best option for a specific individual, they should consider how frequently they feel unhappy, nervous, overwhelmed, or irritable; if this is the case, therapy will most likely provide emotional support as well as help them build the tools to manage their mental health. However, intense negative feelings are not the sole reason why someone should seek counseling. If they are battling with interpersonal issues, feeling stuck in their profession, turning to drugs, alcohol, or food to cope with bad occurrences, or feeling detached from the people around them, counseling may be quite beneficial.

Psychological Astrology.jpg

Psycho-Astro Therapy (PAT)

Cognitive Behaviour 1.jpg

​Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Solution Focused.jpg

Solution Focused Therapy

Dialectical Behaviour 1.jpg

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy



Relationshiop Healing.jpg

Relationship Healing Therapy

Mindfulness 1.jpg

Mindfulness Based Therapy

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