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Dr. Amita Puri

Consultant Clinical Psychologist , Hypnotherapist (USA) 

Dr. Amita Puri, Director, Optimus Center For Wellbeing, an International Affiliate of American Psychological Association,  has been powerfully impacting and transforming lives through a unique blend of expertise in Clinical Psychology, coaching skills and energy based psycho spiritual  healings for the last 25 years. Her forte is Relationship Management, Marriage Counseling, Couple Counseling, Family Therapy wherein she combines warmth and empathy to address the complex subtleties of life and relationships. Her success rate is phenomenally 100 percent as she fosters repair, recovery, health and healing from emotional traumas to self empowerment.

Internationally known, she is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist (USA)  and Past Life Regression and an NLP expert. Currently  she is working as Director Triarup Foundation, Citizen Hospital & Deaddiction Centre Gurgaon.

She  has worked as faculty in many Universities across the country and is also associated with    IIT Delhi, NCERT Defense Inst. Of Psychological Research, Delhi  Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, DSEU , New Delhi. A teacher educator par excellence, she has conducted many Faculty Development Programs in various institutes  of the country. As a  corporate trainer she weaves the magic of stress less self empowerment wherein the participants feel safe, poignantly understood in a collaborative approach towards hope and healing.

As internship supervisor in the hospital,  she focuses on helping interns tap into their natural (but sometimes undiscovered) qualities of resilience, strength, compassion, and authenticity as they tread their journey towards becoming independent trained therapists.

She has published more than 150 papers in various International and National Journals, supervisor of many PhD students and has penned several best sellers.

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